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Miracle Minerals of the Dead Sea

The miracle rejuvenating magic of the Dead Sea has been known to woman (and man) for thousands of years. Today, you can benefit from the same mineral baths and magic potions within a quick 60-minute drive from Jerusalem. This natural spa results from the commingling of climacteric elements at 400m below sea level: clean air, the sun`s ultraviolet rays that are diluted because they are reaching the lowest point on the Earth and penetrating a haze of minerals continuously evaporating from the Dead Sea, mineral-laden water, and black mud. Whereas today we know the why of the magic, the wonder has not ceased to attract us.
Join the myriad of Dead Sea advocates, as preventative as well as curative powers of these minerals becomes your best path to youthful skin, a healthy body and the ultimate in relaxing retreat vacations. The hustle and bustle of Israel contrasts sharply with the Dead Sea region. Add the Dead Sea region to your itinerary for a very special treat to your health, your body and your psyche. It is a natural spa.

Dead Sea Minerals
The Dead Sea minerals are natural, pure, non-chemical, and non-pharmaceutical.
Created by the intermingling of unique natural phenomena, the Dead Sea minerals are especially effective in a variety of skin treatments. The thermo-mineral springs and a special natural mud are elements in the preventative medical care in which we are pro-active participants in our own health care regime. This flourishes along the Dead Sea where the interplay of Dead Sea mud, Dead Sea salt in the water, the unpolluted air, pollen free oxygen, the sulfur baths and the revitalizing atmosphere abound.

Dead Sea Health and Mineral Care
Climatotherapy results are undisputed.
Dermatological professionals send patients hundreds of miles from their homes for such treatments. The Dead Sea Israel region is recognized worldwide for its effectiveness in the treatment of dermatological diseases, particularly Psoriasis, Atopic Dermatitis, and more.

What is the Dead Sea named for?
(Dead but Life-Affirming)
Add a fresh water fish to the Dead Sea and it would die. Thus, dead sea. But it is not so for you and I. In water that ranges from 19 °C in February to 31 °C in August with mineral content that includes magnesium chloride, potassium chloride, sodium chloride (table salt), and the bromine ions at considerably different levels from those found in ocean water, our skin is bathed and revitalized. Greasy is the term most often heard by someone in the Dead Sea. The grease is health-providing; rather than health-depleting. The ‘grease’ is actually the salts of the Dead Sea water that have a relatively high concentration of minerals such as magnesium, calcium, bromide and potassium. These pamper the skin, ease rheumatic aches and pains, and stimulate the circulatory system, while relaxing the nerves. In fact, the natural health oriented environment of the Dead Sea region promotes relaxation and reduces psychological stress: keys to healthy skin and curative powers for dermatological diseases.

The Famous Dead Sea Black Mud
The natural black mud is a mixture of many Dead Sea salts and minerals: rich in magnesium, natural tar (bitumen), and the silicates (silicon compounds), the organic elements from the shoreline all blended with earth. It is the silicates that have the effect of a mask to the skin and is useful for cleansing and softening the skin resulting in a wonderful glow. Generally, Dead Sea mud on the skin improves and stimulates blood circulation. Both general skin care and dermatological treatments are affected by mud baths.

Dead Sea Beauty Treatments
Dead Sea Spas offer extensive opportunities for health and beauty treatments. Sulfur Baths, indoor and outdoor heated pools, massage treatments, and more pampering choices are available to you, the lucky visitor. Charm, quality, top service, luxuriously appointed rooms and the medicinal benefits of the Dead Sea are yours at the hotel spas along the shore of the Dead Sea.

Dead Sea Natural Skin Care Products
Natural skin care products are the foundation of the Dead Sea enterprise. Looking younger is a goal of many and the natural skin care products from the Dead Sea are finding their way into the skin care regiment of many throughout the world. Greaseless, natural, curative and healthy, these products are known worldwide. Uniquely chemical free, these products appeal to many. Products range from Dead Sea mud to hand creams, face creams, masks, peels, revitalizing creams and treatments one can carry out at home. Teens with acne, twentysomethings aware of the potential damage done to one’s skin in the urban centers of the world as well as those seeing their first wrinkles, are rushing to Dead Sea products for relief and treatment. Not just skin problems demand Dead Sea products. Simple daily care benefits from such interventions.

Dead Sea Skin Care - AHAVA and PREMIER
These uniquely Israeli companies have captured the rejuvenating properties of the Dead Sea region in their skin care products. Using plant offshoots native to the Dead Sea region, selected vitamins and Dead Sea minerals in their creams, Ahava and Premier creams provide natural long-lasting hydration. Ahava’s Purifying Mud Mask features the minerals of the Dead Sea to clean the skin deeply and thoroughly. Exfoliators abound in today’s skin care regiment. The Mud Exfoliates from a blend of Dead Sea mud and minerals, and works to gently peel surface skin cells to a smooth result. Dermud facial products in the Ahava line further exploit the wonders of the Dead Sea region. In addition, scrubs, bath salts, shampoos, mineral care products and mineral soaps are available from Ahava and Premier Dead Sea Skin Care.
Ahava and Premier Dead Sea Skin Care offer the 3D Complex of skin care: Dead Sea Water Mineral Skin Osmoter (MSO); Dunaleilla Algae: a one-of-a-kind microscopic algae, which has grown in the Dead Sea for thousands of years; and Desert Plants: Tigonella Shrub and Jujube Tree, are two plants with unique properties that allow them to survive in harsh desert conditions.

Cleopatra`s Choice is a leading importer and distributor of Dead Sea products in the United States. Customers enjoy the rejuvenating benefits of the products, the natural nourishing properties and much more.

Dead Sea Cosmetics specialize in the export and distribution of beauty and skin care products carefully developed by combining the rejuvenating minerals of the Dead Sea and its region with aromatic oils and plant extracts. Dead Sea Cosmetics have a vast and rich collection of cosmetic products from all the leading Dead Sea brands including AHAVA, INTENSIVE SPA, NATURAL SEA BEAUTY, MINERAL CARE and more.

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