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Tours holidays in Jerusalem

Jerusalem Tours 


Jerusalem tours offer rewarding insights into a city that is like no other. Jerusalem is steeped in over three millennia of history as well being the vibrant capital of the modern state of Israel. It is a city which is embraces all faiths and is adored by its religious and secular residents alike. Thus, for the visitor, Jerusalem holidays offer more than just holy sites. A holiday in Jerusalem is an emotional and transforming experience that is not quickly forgotten.


Packages to Jerusalem are available from many European and North American departure points. International flights arrive at Ben-Gurion Airport; and travel to Jerusalem by taxi or car takes just under one hour. The Jerusalem holiday experience is enhanced by a wide range of hotels and guesthouses, catering for all tastes and budgets.


Tour The Old City
The Old City of Jerusalem encloses within its walls some of the holiest sites to the three monotheistic religions. Old City Jerusalem tours are available on Saturdays, free of charge. Jerusalem tours along the Old City walls start at Jaffa Gate, going clockwise towards Lion’s Gate; or counter clockwise, ending at Dung Gate.


The Western (wailing) Wall, or Kotel, is the last remnant of the ancient Jewish Temple that stood here over 2000 years ago, and the holiest place for Jews. Only a portion of the Western Wall is visible above ground: the entire length can be explored via the Kotel tunnels. The best access to the Western Wall is via Dung Gate. Above and to the east of the Western Wall is the magnificent Dome of the Rock - the third holiest place in Islam - and the El Aqsa Mosque. Access is possible everyday except Friday.


Tour The New City
In the New City, visit the charming neighborhood of Yemin Moshe for the Montefiore Windmill - a famous Jerusalem landmark. The beautiful YMCA and famous King David Hotel are nearby. All of these are within walking distance of the main downtown hotel area. The main shopping and entertainment areas are a short taxi ride away. The pedestrianised Ben Yehuda Street is lined with a cafes, shops and restaurants. No Jerusalem holiday is complete without a night out on the nearby Nahalat Shiva Street - one of the focal points of Jerusalem’s nightlife.


The Shrine of the Book, a twenty minute drive from the city center, exhibits the famous Dead Sea Scrolls. Discovered in 1947, the Dead Sea Scrolls date back to the pre-Christian era, and are thought to represent the earliest version of the Old Testament.


Chagall Windows & Yad Vashem
On the western outskirts of Jerusalem is the charming village of Ein Kerem. It’s an ideal place to visit for a Jerusalem holiday in nature. Nearby is the Hadassah Ein Kerem Medical Center with its famous Chagall Windows. These sublime works of art representing the twelve tribes of Israel were a gift to Israel from the French Master Mark Chagall. Just north of Ein Kerem is Yad Vashem Museum, a memorial to the victims of the Holocaust. One of the main objectives of the museum is to keep the memory of the Holocaust alive.


Mount Scopus
No Holy Land tour is complete without the spectacular views of Jerusalem from Mount Scopus. The holy sites of the Old City are clearly visible, and there are wonderful views out to the Judean desert to the east. It is also an excellent place to stay whilst on a holiday in Jerusalem, and particularly convenient if you are planning on visiting the Hebrew University.


Whether you wish to travel to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv, or have chosen Jerusalem as a holiday destination in itself, come with the right energies and be prepared for a life transforming experience.

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