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Car Rental Israel

Rather you come to Israel for a business trip or for holiday purposes, you'll need to travel around the country. The transportation you use on your stay in Israel can make a big difference for you, financially and physically.
The public transportation in Israel has been improved through the years, but still, Moving around the country with trains or buses can be more than a hassle. Some of the routes north and south are simply not acceptable by many standards of comfort and availability.

In most cases, travel around the country can cost lot of money, especially if you're travelling with your family or friends. If you're a family travelling in Israel you should definitely use a car rental service in Israel & travel easily and conveniently with all of your luggage, & of course save money. Actually, in the price of a roundtrip trip from Tel Aviv to Haifa (About 50 Miles) you can rent a car for a day and travel in your on time to wherever you like.

Of course it's very important to plan your trip in advance and to order a rented car only from a big car rental company in Israel, such as Shlomo Sixt, who has branches country wide & a 24 hours service, you're sure won’t like to get stuck in the middle of the road without a service.

It's more than recommended to make a reservation before you arrive to Israel, in order to guarantee you'll have a car when you arrive. In times like Passover or the summer holiday most of the car rental companies are fully booked. You can order car rental in Israel online & save money.

 If you're concerned about how to find your way through the country while driving, don't be worried, the roads in Israel are very convenient, there are road signs in English all over, you can also rent a GPS with your rented car, or you can use your own GPS or smart phone in order to navigate around the country.

Parking tips:

If you'd like to avoid parking tickets, you should read these tips:
• Red & white stripes on the side of the pavement means: NO PARKING ZONE
• Blue & white stripes on the side of the pavement means: PAYING PARKING ZONE - You can park but you have to pay for the parking, through smart phone app like pango, or parking meter.
Pay attention that in some cities the parking time in these zones is restricted to 2-3 hours.
• In some cities especially in Tel-aviv there are parking zones to residents only, that means that you can get a parking ticket even if you paid for the parking.  you better read the signs at the beginning of the street before you leave the car.
• Gray area means you can park for free in this area.
• Parking Lots - you can always pay & park in an organized parking lot. There are many parking lots all over the cities & near tourist's sites.


Enjoy your trip & drive safely.

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