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ISRAIR Domestic Flights

Domestic flights
• Flights are operated by the air carrier (airline company) according to their conditions and at their responsibility, including responsibility for any delays, changes, early departures, cancellations, and loss/ delay or damage to baggage pursuant to any law, including the Warsaw Convention.  Attention is drawn to the specific terms of the contract given later and/or on the flight ticket.
• Passengers must report for the flight one hour before takeoff, except for flights to/ from Ben Gurion Airport, for which they must report a hour and a half before takeoff with an identity document.  Passengers must report to the boarding gate at the time specified on the boarding card.  Flights will not be delayed for passengers who report late for the flight check or the boarding gate, and late passengers will not be able to board the flight and will be responsible for the costs involved.  In addition, Israir reserves the right not to reimburse a passenger who is late for a flight for the cost of the flight ticket or to make a partial reimbursement only, and responsibility for any damage caused to Israir rests with the passenger who is late.
• At Ben Gurion Airport, departures are from Terminal 1;  at other airports, departure is from the main terminal gate.
• The permitted weight for hold baggage is 15kg per passenger.
• The permitted weight for hand baggage taken into the cabin is 5kg per passenger.
• Food on Israir flights is kosher.

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