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During The Flight

During the flight

Israir flights overseas travelers will be served personal bottle of mineral water, coffee / tea and a snack.

Up to two pets can be taken into the cabin, with the following restrictions:
- Animals approved for flights must have inoculation certificates and entry visas from the relevant authorities at the intermediate destination or final destination.
- Animals showing clear and open signs of illness may be refused permission to fly.
- The pilot can order an animal to be removed from the aircraft or moved to the hold, if the animal is clearly disturbing other passengers.
- Animals (pets – dogs and cats only) weighing up to 8 kg (including the carrying case) can be taken into the cabin, with an accompanying passenger, on condition they are in a rigid or soft cage that measures no more than 21x40x40 and can be stowed under the seat in front of the passenger.  The booking office must be informed of this in good time.  Up to two animals can be taken in one cage providing that the total weight is no more than 8 kg and they can be together in the cage without disturbing other passengers.
- Cages must not be held on passengers’ knees during takeoff and landing.
- Animals (pets) weighing more than eight kg (including the carrying case) will not be permitted on the flight.
- The airline company will not supply cages in any circumstances for international flights.  For domestic flights, the company supplies medium sized cages only.
- The animal must remain in the cage for the whole flight.
- Payment for animals will be charged according to the tariff.
- Guide dogs (accompanying blind passengers) – at no extra cost.

Child Escort
A steward can be booked to escort a child at all stages of check-in and during the flight, until the child is handed over at the destination.
The service is for children aged 4 to 6 who are flying alone.
The service is provided for a fee.

In-flight Duty Free
Duty Free items can be purchased on board international Israir flights.

Oxygen for first aid
Private oxygen tanks can be taken on the plane providing they are completely empty.  An Israir employee or representative will carry out a check.
A passenger who feels ill during a flight can receive first aid with oxygen for a few minutes.
International flights.
There is no oxygen service throughout the flight, except first aid for a few minutes only!!!
Domestic flights
Oxygen service can be ordered up to 72 hours before the flight, through the booking center.
The service is provided for a fee.  (Further details are available from the domestic booking center.)
A passenger who would like to use a portable oxygen concentrator unit (or other respiratory assistive device) on-board an ISRAIR Airlines’ aircraft must obtain a written statement from his or her physician signed by the physician and by the passenger .Also a manufacture spec of the unit must be sent.
This statement and the manufacture spec, should be sent to ISRAIR Airline no later than 72 hours before the flight:
Domestic flight – FAX # +972-3-796-9200 Email Address: RESERVATIONS@ISRAIR.CO.IL
International flight - FAX # +972-3-511-5554 Email Address: SITE@ISRAIR.CO.IL
Click here for Passanger & Physician Statement For Medical Oxygen On Board.
Unaccompanied children
An unaccompanied child is a child aged 6 to 12 who is flying alone.
This service can be ordered when booking the flight.
The service is provided for a fee, payable at the airport.
The service includes:
At the departure airport:
The child is received at the check-in desk.
The child is escorted through passport control.
The child is delivered to the manager of the service on the flight.
During the flight
The cabin crew are aware of the child and look after his welfare.
At the destination airport
The child is escorted through passport control and baggage collection.
The child is delivered to the parent/ guardian.

An adult who is accompanying or flying with a child who is not his own child, even if there is a family relationship, must show the check-in desk a notarized document confirming that the child’s parent knows that the child is flying with this passenger and has approved this.  Without such notarized confirmation, the passenger and the child will not be accepted on the flight.
For this purpose, an adult is a passenger aged over 18.

According to the requirement of the Russian authorities, every Russian citizen under the age of 18 on the date of the journey and flying alone, must show at the check-in a notarized document affirming that the passenger is permitted to travel.
The letter must indicate the date of the journey and the passenger’s destinations.

Children and infants
• An infant is described as up to the age of 24 months.
• An infant aged less than 8 days on the flight date is not permitted to fly.
• An infant is not entitled to a seat.
• An infant is not entitled to a meal.
• There are a few cradles available on the aircraft.
There is an age restriction for the cradles, which are only suitable for infants up to 10 months old.  After 10 months, infants cannot have a cradle, even if one is available.
Reserving a cradle is always a request only.  Final approval will be given at check-in.
The cradle service is available on both international and domestic flights (except for ATR flights).
• Diaper changing tables are available in some aircraft bathrooms.
• Infant food can be warmed up.
• A parent who brings an infant safety seat can use it only if he has purchased a seat for the infant.  Depending on the empty seats available, a parent who brings a carry-cot can be permitted to bring it into the cabin or send it to the hold.
• A seat can be bought for an infant at the price of a child ticket.
• Each infant must be accompanied by at least one adult!
• The baggage allowance for an infant is a total of 10 kg.

Medicines and medical devices
• Passenger medicines cannot be stored in a refrigerator or other cold place.  A passenger who wishes to keep a medicine cool will receive a sealable plastic bag containing ice cubes.  The passenger will keep the bag with the medicine and from time to time the cabin crew will bring fresh ice.
• Only Acamol painkillers are available from the crew during the flight.
• If a passenger falls ill or is injured during the flight, there is a full medical kit on board.

Medical instruments
Due to restrictions and special permits required to carry medical instruments on flights, any passenger wishing to bring medical instruments of any kind must give the sales clerk an original specification from the manufacturer.
This original specification will be checked by a qualified person at Israir who will decide whether or not to permit the item on the flight.  Without the original specification, no approval can be given to carry the item.

Information about allergy to food products
In view of high sensitivity among the public to peanuts and its products, Israir Airlines does not use any peanuts products in its menu.
Nonetheless the company cannot be held responsible for passengers that bring onboard peanuts or peanuts products.
Please note that in the existing menus some dishes contain nuts and almonds (not peanuts).
Passengers sensitive to peanuts / nuts can ask for a special menu that does not contain these products – at no extra charge.
Passengers suffering from other allergies such as gluten or milk products can indicate this while making their seat reservation – and get a special menu - at no extra charge.


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