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After The Flight

After the flight

Lost and found
If any baggage is lost or damaged, or separated for security purposes, or any item is left in the cabin, the passenger must immediately on landing report this to the lost and found department at the airport, before leaving the airport, and complete a written report.  On international flights, at Ben Gurion Airport, the report will be recorded in the lost and found department of Laufer, and at other Israir destinations, in the lost and found department representing our company at that airport.
Passengers calling from overseas to report lost baggage should contact the lost and found department of Laufer on telephone 972-3-9754072 or on fax 972-3-9754218.

Security separation
Security separation refers to an item or object that is not approved to fly with the passenger by the security staff.
If an item is separated from a passenger in these circumstances, the passenger must go to the lost and found counter at the destination and open a request form. 
The airline company is not responsible for items separated for security reasons by the security authorities and does not send them to the customer’s home when they arrive.

An electric shocker and/or any sharp item must be packed in a suitcase and sent to the hold.

Fruit, flowers, meat
No fruit, flowers and plants, meat and poultry may be brought into the State of Israel. 
Any vegetable material brought into the country contrary to the plant importation regulations will be confiscated in the arrivals hall and destroyed by the authorities.

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