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Israel - The cradle of western monotheistic religions. The biblical Land of Milk & Honey. Israel is a unique country, with a history that dates back to the origins of humanity. Here you can visit the Mount Temple sacred to Jews, Christians and Moslems. Here you can feel the presence of the Bible, walk in the footsteps of the Kings David and Solomon, and the magic King Herod, the great builder. You can visit the Western Wall and Masada, Church of Holy Sepulcher and ruins of crusader castles, and within half an hour feel the spirit of a modern country.
Mediterranean, dry and warm. No rain from spring to autumn, only during the winter season, primarily in the North and the center of the country. In the Dead Sea and Red sea areas the weather warm and practically no rain throughout the year.
Many shops and department stores are recommended by the Ministry of tourism and grant V.A.T. refunds.
Languages and Religions
Hebrew and Arabic are the official languages, but most Israelis speak English and French. Judaism is the official religion of Israel. As such, Saturday and Jewish Holidays are public holidays throughout the country. Nevertheless at most tourist centers restaurants and sometimes shops are open to the public. The Moslems, Christians and Members of the Druze community and each observe its own holidays.
The official currency of Israel is the new Israeli Shekel (or NIS), divided into 100 Agorot.
All the hotels we suggest are licensed by the Ministry of Tourism and are under its supervision. The hotels "star" grading system has been abolished and until new classification system comes out, we have classified the hotels according to their quality and prices.
Places of interest:
 Jerusalem - The Capital of the State of Israel, the highlight of your visit to Israel. The Holy City. Rich with a history going back thousands of years. Here you can visit the Temple Mount, touch the huge stones of the Western Wall and put within its cracks your wishes, walk in the streets of the old city, smell the odors of its markets and follow the pilgrims climbing Mount of Olives and the churches inside the mighty walls build by Suliman the Magnificent. You can see the Dead Sea Scrolls at the Israel Museum and spend a night at The King David Hotel and stay at the same room Kings and Presidents did.
 Tel Aviv - Tel Aviv and its suburbs are much different than what we expect it to be. It's a cosmopolitan city, a city without a break, a city alive 24 hours a day with the finest Opera, Theaters and nightclubs in the country, with unique fish restaurants overlooking the old Jaffa harbor and the rock of Andromeda. Here you can visit the collections at the Tel Aviv museum, the Museum Haaretz or the Diaspora Museum or the many art galleries.
 Haifa - On slops of Mount Carmel, where the Prophet Elijah has lived. A city where Jews and Arabs live together in harmony. It is home of the unique Bahaian Gardens and beautiful bay view. Just 5 miles north of Haifa lays Akko the city that Napoleon could not take, were you can enjoy a concert at the same seat were Richard Lion Heart took his meals.
 Eilat - the city of unending sun, crystal clear waters, water sports, action, relaxation and fun. The city where you can dive together with the dolphins. Eilat is a perfect base for trips to nature reservoirs in the area. One can choose taking a trip by a 4 wheels car, a camel or donkey mounted trip or to go by bus or a rented car, it is not recommended to go by foot. A unique place is the King Solomon Mines north of the city. For the last 5000 years people have been using the Cooper ore from the mines. If you are a bird watcher Eilat is the place you might enjoy best. Its place in the center of the Afro - Syrian rift make s it the most preferred high for the birds emigrating from Europe to Africa and back.
 The Dead Sea - The lowest place on earth, were history and nature meet. If you are looking for a good healthy spa in water saturated with healthy chemicals that is the place. You can climb Masada, the castle that was build as a refuge by King Herod and try the hot spa near Sodom.
 Caesarea - Take a seat at the old amphitheater were the Romans have thrown Jewish rebels and Christian believers to the lions.
 Tiberius and the Sea of Galilee - Israel only sweet water lake and it the same time the place were one can enjoy the unique mineral water hot bath. The best base for trips to the Golan Heights, taste its excellent wines or pick up by yourself cherries and blackberries, sky downhill Mount Hermon or take a kayak trip downstream the Jordan River. The lake were Jesus has walked upon, were he performed his miracles. It is highly recommended to visit the ruins of Kappa Nahum and the Monastery of Beatitudes on mount Beatitudes Capernaum.

Israel is the perfect tourism destination, with:
 Religious tours for all denominations, in all languages.
 Bar/Bat mitzvah ceremonies at the western wall and atop Masada.
 Agricultural tours.
 Special Eilat packages.
 Special spa packages at the Dead Sea.


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