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Eilat, the southernmost city of Israel, is a unique oasis on the coast of the Red Sea. Eilat is blessed with everything that makes a perfect vacation - beautiful mirror-like sea, lively beaches, seafront bars and restaurants, first-rate hotels, all kinds of water sports, spectacular underwater world and coral reefs, diving clubs, desert treks, camel tours and even swimming with dolphins. Flights to Eilat arrive daily to the International airport located in the city.

Eilat- The Red Sea
Eilat lives by the rhythm of the sun, the desert, but mostly the sea. The water of the Red Sea hide a delightful surprise - breathtakingly beautiful Coral Reefs and an enchanted under water world, featuring thousands of varieties of fish and other marine life forms. The astonishing fish and corals of the temperate gulf waters are unique in their color and variety, and Eilat boasts the northernmost coral reef in the world. On shore, there is a Dolphin Reef facility where visitors can observe dolphins, and even swim and dive with them. Eilat's famous Underwater Observatory is also a must. It is only one of four such facilities in world. A spiral staircase in the round observatory takes you below the water surface allowing you to comfortably observe actual life along the coral reef. If you are wondering about the name, the Red Sea is not actually red. Like all seas is blue. Its’ original name is the "Reed Sea" (Yam Suf, in Hebrew). Its’ modern name is the result of a mistake in translation changing “reed” to “red”. Even though, in the sunset the stunning red mountains to the east are reflected in the water painting it beautiful red color. So, some mistakes are meant to happen!

Nature Attractions
Eilat has many attractions accommodating any kind of vacation. If you are looking for adventure, Eilat offers scuba diving, windsurfing, trekking, climbing, snorkeling and much more. If you are looking to relax and lay back, Eilat’s luxurious hotels and relaxed beaches offer the perfect setting to do just that. But there is more to Eilat than the azure waters of the red sea. Eilat is a haven for bird observation. It’s the only land bridge between Asia and Africa and of the world's most important bird migratory routes. Fall and spring are the main migratory seasons, but birds can be seen crossing continents every month of the year. In addition Eilat is surrounded with spectacular mountains - the Eilat Mountains from the west and the Jordanian Edom Mountains from the east. One famous place in the area is the Timna Park - the site of ancient copper mines. Today the place is known for its beautiful colored rocks, stunning cliffs and canyons. The Desert Mountains surrounding Eilat contrast beautifully the stunning blue of the red sea.

The City
Eilat is a well developed city offering a wide range of hotels, dinning and shopping opportunities. Eilat has restaurants to suit any taste, be it Thai, Middle Eastern, Italian and many others. But be sure not to miss out on the fresh fish and seafood, brought in daily from the red sea.
Getting There
The most convenient way to get to Eilat is by plane. Flights to Eilat arrive from both national and international destinations daily. By car, it is only few kilometers before the southern end of Road 90, the southernmost corner of Israel. Check out Eilat hotels

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