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Flights In Israel

Flights in Israel 


Flights in Israel now offer the traveler a new way to travel the Holy Land. While Israel is easily traversed by car or bus, a flight in Israel gives you an eagle eye view of this special country. So no matter if you are on a tight schedule or just want to see the view from above, a flight in Israel could be the perfect solution.


Destinations connected
Israel has a number of airports scattered around the country. The main airports in Israel are the Ben-Gurion International Airport where most visitors usually arrive and Eilat International Airport at the southern tip of Israel. Ben-Gurion (TLV) airport handles most of the flights arriving to Israel from international destinations, yet some internal flights also embark from here. In Ben-Gurion, national flights leave from terminal 2 which is separated from the main, international terminal. Ben-Gurion airport is only 25 kilometers from Tel-Aviv and can be easily reached by taxi or bus. Short and long term parking facilities are available.


Eilat International Airport is located in the city of Eilat on the northernmost tip of the Red Sea. This airport serves both national and international traffic, and is frequented by many European tourists craving the sunny beaches of Eilat. The airport is situated near the city center and just a five minute walk from the beach.
Sede Dov (Dov Airfield) is located inside the city of Tel-Aviv, on a stretch of beach at its northern end. Sede dov serves flights to Eilat, Rosh Pina and Haifa. This airport it allows fast and efficient travel from the Tel-Aviv metropolis to the southern (eilat) and northern (Haifa, Rosh Pina, Kiriat Shmona) parts. The airport can be reached easily by bus, taxi or car (parking facilities are available).



Haifa Airport is located in the city of Haifa between the Mediterranean Sea and the Carmel Mountains. This airport serves local flights to other national destinations in Israel. The city of Haifa blends the beauty of Mediterranean seaport with the tranquility of the forested Carmel Mountains. Haifa is Israel’s third largest city and holds many attractions for the visitor.


Ovda airport is located in the Negev desert about thirty kilometers from Eilat. This airport serves both national and international carriers, and is often used to access Eilat and the Arava. Buses and taxis connect this airport with Eilat.


Purchasing flight Tickets
Buying tickets for a flight in Israel is now a simple and rapid procedure. While tickets can be purchased without reservation at the airport, it is recommended to reserve a place of the flight in advance. Tickets can be purchased from the airlines by phone (with credit card), via the internet, or from travel agents. Availability and prices make advance purchasing of tickets worthwhile.

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Check in and Security Procedures
Check in for domestic flights are usually one hour before takeoff, but confirm the specific check in time with your carrier. It is important to remember that traffic and parking time may vary so be sure to allow for more time. Check-in terminals in Israel close 20 minutes prior to takeoff. Any passengers arriving during this time are put on "Standby" and allowed to board if seats are still available. Passengers who miss their flight will be put on "Standby" for the next flight. At the airport you will pass a security inspection before proceeding to the check-in desk.


Travel Documents
To board a flight in Israel all you need is your passport. Israeli citizens can be identified by bringing their Identification Card.


Private Flights
Apart from commercial flights, other flights for sightseeing or other needs are available in Israel. These usually use smaller airfields such as the Hertzelia airfield located north of Tel-Aviv.


View during Flights
No matter how many times you experience it, flying over the Holy Land will always thrill you. Seeing the beauty of Israel’s landscapes and monuments from above gives you a different perspective on this special land. For example, flying from Eilat to Tel-Aviv, will show you the special diversity that is Israel. Leaving the azure waters of the Red Sea behind, you will immediately see the desert regions of the Arava and the Edom mountains in Jordan. Then you will be passing over the Dead Sea, the lowest place on earth, and the site of biblical Sodom and Gomorrah. Soon after passing the stunning blue water you turn westward flying over the holy cities of Jerusalem and Bethlehem. Then gliding down from the Jerusalem Mountains you will descend into the dazzling modern skyline of Tel-Aviv. All this happens in just a fifty minutes flight.

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